Step 1: Purchase a Sentry Key

To generate rewards from running a Xai Sentry Node, a wallet must contain at least 1 Sentry Key. There are three ways to purchase a Sentry Key. You can use any of the options below.

Before you get started:

  • To ensure your safety and protect your assets, kindly verify that you are making your purchases exclusively through the aforementioned website. The authentic contract associated with these transactions is:

  • Note that Sentry Node Keys are not transferable.

  • If you purchase more Keys than are available in the current pricing tier, the transaction will revert. For example, if you attempt to purchase 50 Keys, but the current tier only has 25 Keys remaining, the transaction will revert. You will need to split up the transaction into two - one with 25 Keys at the lower tier and another with 25 Keys at the higher tier.

  • Make sure you've selected Arbitrum One as the network in your wallet settings.

  • Ensure you have sufficient Arbitrum One ETH (a.k.a. Arb ETH or AETH) in your wallet to make a purchase. Click here for steps on how to obtain AETH.

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