How to interpret a Pending KYC status

After you click "Begin KYC" in the Xai Node desktop app, you will notice an alert that says "KYC pending" (see screenshot below). This can mean one of two things:

1) You started the KYC process but did not submit the application.

2) Your KYC application has been submitted, but it is currently under review and/or requires further information from you.

During this period, be sure to check back regularly to see if you're approved. If you've submitted all documents and you're still not approved after 48 hours, check your inbox (including spam) for updates. For KYC issues, contact Blockpass. If you have not completed the KYC step, continue the submission by clicking "Continue KYC".

You will see "KYC pending" for each wallet that has not completed or passed the KYC step.

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