Welcome to Xai

Xai was developed to enable real economies and open trade in the next generation of video games. With Xai, potentially billions of traditional gamers can own and trade valuable in-game items in their favorite games for the first time, without the need to use crypto-wallets. Anyone can support the Xai network by operating a node which allows them to receive network rewards and participate in governance. Xai is developed by Offchain Labs leveraging Arbitrum technology.

In this Gitbook, we set out the basic operations and functions of the Xai network. We do so for informational purposes only and without representation or warranty as to the accuracy of its contents. For further information, please refer to the Terms of Use and any other legal agreements that may apply to you, including the Privacy Policy, Staking Terms and Sentry Node Software License Agreement as the case may be. You can find links to these Policies in the footer of our websites.

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