Claim Details

Claim Start & End

  • Start Time: Tuesday, 01/09/24, at 1:30am PST (9:30am UTC)

  • End Time: Sunday, 07/07/24, at 2:30am PDT (9:30am UTC)

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Hold an Odyssey Phase 1 NFT (specifically, Legendary & Vanguard tiers).

  • Hold an Odyssey Phase 2 NFT (specifically, Legendary & Vanguard tiers).

  • Hold at least one Sentry Key NFT.

Snapshot for Sentry Key NFTs was taken on 12/28/23 at 12pm PT (8pm UTC)

Requirements Based on NFTs Held

  • Odyssey NFTs Only (Phase 1/2): If you hold only Odyssey NFT(s), you can claim XAI tokens without KYC. You are exempt from KYC because you did not pay to be eligible for an airdrop.

  • Sentry Key NFT Holders: If you hold Sentry Key NFT(s), you are required to pass KYC before you can claim XAI tokens.

  • Holders of Both Odyssey and Sentry Key NFTs: If you hold both Odyssey NFT(s) and Sentry Key NFT(s), you must pass KYC to claim any tokens, including those based on the Odyssey NFT(s).

Compliance Requirements

  • You must not be located in any OFAC-sanctioned country.

  • You must not be located in the USA.

  • You must not be on a sanctioned wallet list.

  • You must agree to Xai Airdrop Terms

KYC Completion Window

You have up to 180 days from the claim start date to complete your KYC and claim your XAI tokens.

Steps to Claim

  1. Connect your wallet (via Wallet Connect - similar to Sentry Key purchase)

  • if the user connects any wallet other than Arbitrum One, they will not be able to proceed with the claim

  • If the user is not eligible to claim XAI, the UI will update to tell them they are ineligible

  1. If you are eligible to claim XAI, you will see a message that says “You are eligible to claim [xxxx] XAI tokens”

  2. Check the box indicating you agree to the Xai Airdrop Terms

  3. Click “Claim”

  4. Approve the transaction request using your wallet (you are responsible for the gas fee to claim using AETH)

Once the transaction has completed, you'll see:

  • “Transaction complete” confirmation

  • the number of eligible tokens decrease by the claimed amount

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