What wallets will Xai be compatible with?

XAI seamlessly integrates with ETH wallets that are compatible with Arbitrum.

Furthermore, the Xai Foundation is actively engaged in developing an enhanced wallet experience that incorporates abstracted features. This innovative approach aims to utilize email and/or social accounts for wallet authentication and recovery purposes. By leveraging these widely used platforms, we aim to provide a streamlined and user-friendly authentication process for our users.

Is XAI audited?

Xai is built using the Arbitrum Nitro codebase which continuously goes through a rigorous auditing process.

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem?

Xai can be implemented by game developers according to their preferences. However, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the perspective of Ex Populus, the pioneering game developer on the Xai chain, regarding the integration of blockchain technology in games. In essence, Ex Populus believes that blockchains should primarily serve as a backend technology, and complex blockchain interactions such as wallet connections and staking should be abstracted away. This approach enables traditional gamers to enjoy the advantages of blockchain without encountering the often high barriers associated with blockchain experiences.

As the Xai Foundation focuses on collaborating with top-tier, experienced game developers, we are confident that the experiences they create will effectively attract both traditional gamers and non-crypto players.

I’m interested in deploying my game or dApp on XAI blockchain. How should I proceed or get in touch?

If you want to get in touch, click "Build With Us" on https://xai.games/ and submit your inquiry.

If you want to deploy on Xai Mainnet, see details on how to connect to Xai here.

Where can I get more technical information about how the Xai Blockchain functions, including consensus?

The Xai Blockchain represents a layer 3 blockchain built upon Arbitrum Nitro. While the core functionality of the chain remains the same, there have been several modifications implemented to enhance the experience for gamers. Notably, these improvements include a gasless experience for players, abstracted wallets to streamline user interactions, and increased contract limits for developers.

Read more about the Xai Protocol here.

For a comprehensive understanding of Arbitrum Nitro, we invite you to refer to the Arbitrum Nitro whitepaper. It provides in-depth details regarding the technical specifications of the underlying technology used to create the Xai Blockchain.

What is the relationship between Xai Foundation, Ex Populus and Final Form?

The relationship between Xai Foundation, Ex Populus, and Final Form can be likened to the relationship between a game publisher, a game developer, and a specific game title, using the example provided:

Xai Foundation plays a role similar to a game publisher like Activision. It is the overarching organization responsible for overseeing and supporting various projects within the Xai ecosystem. The foundation sets the overall vision, goals, and guidelines for the projects it supports, including Final Form.

Ex Populus, on the other hand, can be compared to a game developer such as Infinity Ward. It is the specific development studio entrusted with creating and bringing Final Form to life. Ex Populus is responsible for designing, programming, and executing the game based on the directives set by the Xai Foundation.

Finally, Final Form itself can be likened to a game title, similar to Call of Duty. It is the specific game being developed by Ex Populus under the guidance and support of the Xai Foundation. Final Form is the result of Ex Populus' development efforts and aligns with the vision and objectives set by the Xai Foundation.

In summary, Xai Foundation acts as the overseeing entity, Ex Populus serves as the dedicated game developer, and Final Form represents the specific game title within the Xai ecosystem.

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