Final Form

What is Final Form?

Final Form is the first game developed by Ex Populus that will be deployed to Xai Blockchain and published by Xai Foundation. In Final Form, players will participate in high frequency deck building and auto-battles mashed-up with Rogue-Lite mechanics. Players will use free limited edition trading cards, temporary Reaver cards, mutates and relics to build increasingly powerful battle decks. The best players will dominate auto battles and receive rewards that accelerate their limited edition card evolution from Common to Legendary Rarity, decreasing global supply as they burn-to-evolve.

As card supplies diminish and rarity increases, card collectors and traders will find their cards have greater importance, appeal and need as the gaming ecosystem adapts. Each limited edition card set has been made in collaboration with famous artists, celebrities and athletes including Oscar nominated Calabash, former World Heavyweight Champ Mike Tyson and more to come. Legendary card collectors will join the Vanguard League and become eligible for exclusive rewards.

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