Onboard all of your users with a beautiful Connect Wallet modal, flexible sign-in options for web2 & web3, and powerful hooks for full customizability.


  • Wallet Support: Connect to 170+ different wallet providers with support for any EVM network

  • Improved onboarding experience: Support for email / social login, and smart wallets with gas-less options to seamlessly onboard non-native or new crypto users.

  • Customization options: Change default or recommend wallet providers, themes, modal size, logos, text, and more to match your branding.

  • Enable wallet actions for native experiences: Connect / disconnect wallet, view balance, display ENS name, view transaction history, send / receive tokens, switch networks, and more directly from the UI.

  • Authenticate Users: Easily enable Auth (SIWE) to authenticate your end users.

  • SDK Integration: Easily integrate with thirdweb's Contract SDKs to enable users to interact with your application.


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