Xai Basic Concepts


All Arbitrum chains are built on top of Arbitrum Nitro, which is the foundational technology underneath all chains in the ecosystem. Nitro runs a fork of Geth and uses WebAssembly as its underlying VM for fraud proofs. You can read about Nitro in detail here.


An Arbitrum protocol that manages data availability with a permissioned set of parties known as the Data Availability Committee (DAC). This protocol reduces transaction fees by introducing an additional trust assumption for data availability in lieu of Ethereum's Trustless data availability mechanism.

Arbitrum Layer2s

Arbitrum Nova is an example of an AnyTrust chain; Arbitrum One is an alternative chain that implements the purely trustless (and more L1-gas intensive) Arbitrum Rollup Protocol. Both chains are built on top of Nitro.

Orbit Chains

Arbitrum Orbit lets 3rd parties create their own self-managed Arbitrum Rollup and AnyTrust chains. Arbitrum offers Rollup and AnyTrust technology for maximum flexibility in building Orbit chains. As with all chains in the Arbitrum ecosystem, both Arbitrum Rollups and Arbitrum Anytrust Orbit chains are built with Nitro as the underlying technology.

Xai Summary

Xai operates as an Arbitrum Orbit chain, harnessing Anytrust technology to achieve maximum speed and minimal costs. Unlike most Orbit chains that are "self-managed," Xai benefits from direct technical support courtesy of Offchain Labs. This support is not available to other orbit chains and is a crucial component of Xai as a strategic gaming initiative within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The strategy and growth of Xai's ecosystem are overseen by the Xai Foundation, and Offchain Labs provides technical assistance under the guidance of the Xai Foundation. In a departure from other Orbit chains, Xai boasts a canonical bridge within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Additionally, Xai incorporates unique enhancements, including elevated gas and contract limits, which foster a more favorable environment for ambitious blockchain game development and gameplay. Finally, Xai has its own custom gas fee token, self-named “XAI”.

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