esXAI Token’s Utility & Purpose

esXAI is non-transferable and its utility is focused on staking for a variety of benefits.

  • XAI can be redeemed for esXAI instantly at a 1:1 ratio at .

  • esXAI can be redeemed for XAI with varying rates and waiting periods which is explained in more detail in The Redemption Process.

  • esXAI is used to reward Sentry node operators and provide operators with a variety of benefits.

Staked esXAI provides the following benefits:

  • Staking v1 (released): Key holders can connect their wallet that holds their Sentry Keys to our web dapp to stake esXAI and achieve staking tiers, which will increase the frequency of Node rewards they accrue (see Accruing Node Rewards for more info).

    • Staking Capacity: each Sentry Key in the connected wallet will add 25,000 of esXAI staking capacity to the wallet.

    • Staking esXAI: The more Keys held in the wallet, the more esXAI that can be staked by that wallet and the higher staking tiers that can be achieved. Staking tiers increase the reward probability for all Keys in the wallet.

  • Staking v2 (March 2024)

    • Creating Pools: To increase the utility of Sentry Keys, pool creation will be exclusive to KYC’d Sentry Key holders. This empowers our community members who are verified, align with our security standards, and have demonstrated a track-record of supporting the Xai community.

    • Pool Configuration: Pool owners will be able to name their pool, provide a description, attach links to social accounts and set payout splits to divide rewards amongst the pool owner, Key stakers and esXAI stakers.

    • Pooling Keys: By pooling Keys together, our community members can collaborate to smoothen the reward emissions rate. This pooling strategy leads to more consistent and significant rewards, benefiting all participants of the pool.

    • Pooling esXAI: Any esXAI holder can join a pool, whether they own a Sentry Key or not, to stake their esXAI and receive a portion of the pool’s rewards. This will allow pool owners to connect with wallet addresses regardless of the level of their holdings.

    • Rewarding Participants: Sentry Node rewards in the form of esXAI from all Keys participating in the pool will be claimed by the pool contract to be redistributed to the pool participants based on the pool’s configuration.

  • Culture (Q2 2024): Operators can stake esXAI to get access to special events and assets associated with projects (games, dexes, protocols, etc.) deployed to the Xai Blockchain.

  • Governance (Q4 2024): esXAI holders and Key holders will be able to vote on governance proposals.

Review the roadmap to see when this functionality is available.

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