Creator Portal

thirdweb has deployed a Creator Portal on Xai. Complete the 3 quests below via the Creator Portal to earn Galxe points.

Quest 1 - Claim Xai Quest Token

  1. Visit the Xai Quest Token claim page:

  2. Connect wallet and claim up to 100 tokens (minimum of 5 Xai Quest Tokens is recommended)

To earn the Galxe points for this question, your wallet must have a Xai test token balance ≥ 1

Quest 2 - Deploy & Configure Your Own NFT Drop Contract

  1. Go to the Xai network page on the thirdweb Dashboard

  2. Click on Edition Drop contract and select "Deploy Now"

  3. Give your NFT Collection a collection image, name and description. You can leave the other parameters as is.

  4. Click “Deploy Now” and confirm the two transactions when prompted by your wallet

  • Ensure that your wallet is connected to Xai Goerli

  • Ensure that your wallet holds ETH on Xai Goerli

  • Be sure to approve the transactions that pop up in this step

  1. Go the NFTs tab and click “Single Upload” to configure the first token in your NFT collection. Give your NFT a name, image and description. Click “Lazy Mint NFT” to lazy mint your NFT.

When completed you will see your lazy minted NFT as token 0 on the NFTs tab.

Quest 3 - Claim Your NFT with Xai Quest Token

  1. On the NFTs tab, click on your NFT row and click on Claim Conditions tab

  2. Click on “Add Phase” and select “Public”

  3. In the price field enter 5 and for currency select “custom ERC20” and enter the following contract address: 0x61f1F74D9902a96429ed3fAF31B5D8140d025B7F

  1. Click "Save Phases"

  2. Click on the embed tab and claim one of your NFTs. Your wallet will be prompted and you will see it being charged for 5 Xai Quest Tokens. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  3. Once claimed you can go to the NFTs tab and see the Supply=1

To earn the Galxe points for this question, your wallet must have an NFT balance ≥ 1

Congratulations you have completed the Xai Creator Portal Quest!

If you don't have Xai Quest Token, follow these steps to get some.

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