Option 3: Buy Node Key via Xai Sentry Node CLI (command line interface)

After downloading the Xai Sentry Node CLI (command line interface), you can purchase a Sentry Key using the steps below:

  1. Enter the command mint-node-licenses. Then hit 'Enter'.

  2. Enter a quantity (e.g. 10). Then hit 'Enter'.

  3. Enter the private key of the wallet you want to mint the tokens to. Then hit 'Enter'. Note: This wallet is also responsible for purchasing the keys, so make sure it contains sufficient funds in Arb ETH.

  4. Enter a promo code (if you have one). Then hit 'Enter'. Otherwise, leave it blank and hit 'Enter'.

  5. Confirm that the specified number of licenses are minted both in the CLI and in your wallet.

Below is an example of how these steps appear in the CLI.

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