Obtaining esXAI

There are two ways to obtain esXAI:

a) Redeem XAI for esXAI

b) Generate Sentry Node rewards.

Below are detailed steps for each option.

a) Redeem XAI for esXAI

  1. Connect your wallet - must be on Arbitrum network to proceed.

  2. Select the amount of XAI you want to swap for esXAI.

If you do not have XAI, you can obtain it using the steps outlined here.

  1. Click Continue.

  2. Confirm and sign the transaction.

Redeeming XAI for esXAI is 1:1. Please note that esXAI has waiting periods to redeem back for XAI. More information can be found here.

b) Generate Sentry Node rewards

To generate Sentry Node rewards in the form of esXAI, follow these steps to purchase and set up a node.

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