Getting Started

What is Xai Vanguard: Genesis?

Welcome to the next evolution of the Xai Games community. Xai Vanguard: Genesis is the beginning of your odyssey across the Xai Gaming ecosystem. On this journey you can take part in the launch of over 10 new games on Xai, interact with cutting-edge web3 technologies, become a builder, creator, or ambassador—the choice is yours. Claim your place among the Xai community, help shape the future of Xai, and earn the distinction of Xai Vanguard.

Each chapter of Xai Vanguard: Genesis will spotlight a new piece of the growing Xai Gaming ecosystem. As you complete quests across these chapters, you will accumulate points on the Genesis leaderboard, tracking your contribution to the Xai community. Esteemed contributors can earn Legendary and Vanguard status, with special roles for gamers, ambassadors, and builders–unlocking access to unique opportunities and recognition in the Xai community.

Here’s what you can expect with Xai Vanguard: Genesis

  • Introduction - June: Join us for Xai Ecosystem month, featuring our partners and an array of dApps deployed across Xai. Quests will cover on-chain engagement, community involvement, and getting to know the growing Xai ecosystem.

  • Game Stage - July through November: We will spotlight a lineup of games deploying to Xai, with points to score for completing in-game quests and connecting with the games’ communities. There are an array of groundbreaking games on the way, with many ways to connect and become a part of the growing community of Xai gamers.

We are nothing without our community. Xai Vanguard: Genesis is the beginning of something big and we’re thrilled to have you aboard. As we grow, we’d like to take you with us and usher in the era of Web3 gaming together. The journey promises to be exhilarating, enriching, and undeniably worthwhile.

Get Ready

Before you can participate in Xai Vanguard: Genesis, you will need to connect your wallet to Xai - see how-to guide here.

Get Set

To participate in Xai Vanguard: Genesis, you will need to complete quests on Galxe which can be found here:

New chapters containing quests will become available each day so check back early and often. The more quests you complete, the higher you will reach the leaderboard. Here's how to get everything set up:

  1. Log in using your web3 wallet (Metamask is recommended).

If you do not have a Metamask wallet, you can create one here: Then follow these steps to connect to Xai Mainnet.

  1. Set up a username.

  1. Follow Xai to stay up-to-date on new quests.


You're now ready to take on your first quest in Xai Vanguard: Genesis. Proceed to the next page for detailed steps on how to complete Chapter 1.

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