Why Participate?

For the majority, Xai Odyssey presents a unique opportunity to learn about real economies and open trade in the next generation of video games. Learn how Xai will solve the problems needed to onboard millions of gamers into the web3 domain. The Xai team is optimistic that the low barrier to entry to the Xai testnet and ecosystem will make testing, experimenting and learning about Xai fun.

For those dedicated individuals who engage in the activities on a daily basis, we are instituting a well-organized leaderboard specifically tailored to folks like you. This feature will allow you to monitor your progress and compete for a collection of commemorative “Vanguard” themed NFTs. These non-transferable NFTs will be awarded upon the culmination of the Xai Odyssey, contingent upon one's final standing within the leader board hierarchy.

Learn more here about what it takes to Join Vanguard League.

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