Vanguard NFT Drop

The Xai Foundation is giving away an NFT collection on Xai Testnet. The drop will span over 42 days and offers a collection of 42 unique characters called Vanguards.

Here's some details about the mint:

  • Minting starts on 8/31/23 at 10am PDT and ends on 10/12/23 at 9:59am PDT

  • Vanguard will be mintable here:

  • once minted, Vanguard images can be viewed here:

  • the Vanguards will drop on Xai testnet (layer 3 blockchain built on Arbitrum)

  • the mint supports any Ethereum-based wallet available on Wallet Connect

  • gas will be sponsored on behalf of minters (no need to pay for gas)

  • 1 Vanguard mint allowed per wallet per day

  • 1 Vanguard drop per day for 42 days

  • each Vanguard is an open-edition (unlimited quantity can be minted every 24 hours)

  • each Vanguard will be available to mint for 24 hours

  • once the minting period is over, that Vanguard will never be available to mint again

  • each mint earns collectors 25 Galxe points

The commemorative NFTs that will be rewarded to participants holding Vanguard roles at the end of the Xai Odyssey are distinct from these Vanguard NFTs.

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