I see "Transaction in progress" message after assigning my wallet. Did my wallet not get assigned?

After clicking "Assign wallet" in the desktop app, you will be redirected to your web browser where you can connect the wallet containing the Keys. While you're on this page, the desktop app will display a "Transaction in progress" modal. When you complete assigning your wallet in the browser, you can click "Return to Xai Client" and it will direct you back to the desktop app. The "Transaction in progress" modal should go away and you should see a modal confirming the successful transaction. If the "Transaction in progress" modal is still visible after successfully assigning your wallet to the Sentry and returning from the web browser, you can close the modal. Then, proceed to the Sentry Wallet page, click "Pause Sentry" at the top, then click "Start Sentry". You should see your newly assigned wallet populate on this page.

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