Card System

Final Form uses a standardized trading card system so that players have predictable and rewarding experiences. In the game, players will play with Limited Cards and Reaver Cards. Limited Cards are transferable NFTs that the player owns. Players may also play with Reaver Cards, but Reaver Cards are lost whenever the player loses an auto-battle. Both Limited Cards and Reaver Cards leverage the same data that is useful for trading and effective during battles:

  • Rarity Tier: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary

  • Card Power: 1 to 9,999 (governed by rarity)

  • House: Mortals, Gods, Beasts, Machines

  • Abilities: Cards have between 1 and 3 abilities useful during battles

  • Health: Determines hit points.

  • Attack: Determines attack power.

  • Set Name: IP Name / Branding

  • Set No.: Based on sequence

  • Edition No.: First, second or third run, etc.

  • Card No.: Number of the individual card.

During mints, all Limited and Reaver cards leverage the same probabilities to determine key attributes such as Power, House, Abilities, Health and Attack. This means that one card set does not have an advantage over the other.

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