What device do I need to play Final Form?

Final Form is designed to run smoothly on a wide range of Windows PCs equipped with a graphics card released within approximately the past seven years. Additionally, Final Form will be fully compatible with contemporary Mac systems that have been manufactured over the last seven years or so. More specific system requirements will be available at a later date. To initiate the immersive Final Form experience, please ensure that you download and install the application on your computer.

Where will Final Form be available for download?

Final Form will consistently be accessible for download through our official website, expopulus.com. Moreover, we are actively engaged in efforts to expand the game's availability across prominent platforms such as the Epic Game Store, Steam, and consoles. It is worth noting that certain platforms maintain policies that restrict games featuring blockchain technology. Nevertheless, we are determined to diligently navigate these policies and strive to make Final Form accessible on these platforms, irrespective of their guidelines.

Is a mobile version of Final Form in development?

Ex Populus is a studio dedicated to crafting unparalleled immersive experiences for PCs and consoles, specifically tailored for large screens. In the event that the game attains significant popularity, we may explore potential partnerships with third-party studios to facilitate the porting of the game to mobile devices.

Will a web version of Final Form be made available?

Our long-term objective is to deploy Final Form on web browsers; however, we currently face certain challenges in this regard. Due to its resource-intensive nature, a webGL implementation is not a viable option for the game's future development. Although we have explored alternatives like Furioos, they have proven to be cost-prohibitive solutions.

Nevertheless, our team is enthusiastic about the potential of webGPU and eagerly anticipates experimenting with it as soon as Unity integrates this technology into its platform. Will Final Form be made available for popular XR headsets like Quest or Vision Pro? The development team is enthused about expanding the availability of the game to platforms such as Quest and VisionPro. However, it has been decided to prioritize this endeavor after achieving success on the PC and Mac platforms.

Why is Chromos non-transferable?

Currently, Chromos is non-transferable due to the game's incomplete release status. However, once the game is fully released, the Xai Foundation and/or DAO may choose to enable token transfers, thereby making Chromos transferable.

How do Xai Token and Chromos relate to one another?

The Xai Token serves multiple essential roles within the Xai ecosystem. Firstly, it acts as the primary gas token on the blockchain, facilitating various transactions and operations. Additionally, Xai Token plays a vital role in rewarding validators for their contributions. Moreover, it holds significant importance as the central token within the entire Xai ecosystem, with the potential for usage as an in-game currency for purchasing items within various games. Xai Token can be compared to tokens such as Gala or IMX in terms of its role and significance within the Xai ecosystem

On the other hand, Chromos holds a distinct purpose as the fuel for evolution within the Final Form game. Its utility is exclusively centered around enhancing the gameplay experience within Final Form and does not have any plans for expansion beyond this particular game. Chromos is an integral component of Final Form, ensuring its critical functionality and progression. Chromos can be likened to AXS in its specific function and utility within the Final Form game.

Why is Final Form leaving Solana and moving to Xai?

Ex Populus has an extensive background in developing blockchain games, with key team members proficient in writing smart contracts across various environments since 2017. Throughout this period, our team has successfully deployed custom smart contracts on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, BNB Chain and Arbitrum. Each of these blockchain networks has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and we firmly believe that each chain and its respective ecosystem hold immense potential for the future.

Having said that, our development team is particularly impressed with Arbitrum's advancements in both scalability and stability, positioning it as the leading blockchain technology in the industry. Recognizing the importance of delivering an exceptional player experience, Ex Populus has made a strategic decision to partner with the Xai Foundation and deploy our projects on Xai, the latest addition to the Arbitrum ecosystem.

By leveraging Arbitrum's cutting-edge infrastructure, we are confident that we can offer players an unparalleled gaming experience. We are excited about the prospects this collaboration holds and are committed to contributing to the success of the Xai ecosystem.

Why wouldn’t Final Form deploy to multiple chains?

The Final Form team strongly believes that achieving widespread adoption of web3 technologies, such as the Xai blockchain, requires the abstraction of complex web3 interactions, including wallet connections and staking, from the player's experience. By doing so, the team aims to simplify the onboarding process for millions of new users. Consequently, if the game were deployed across multiple blockchains, the choice of blockchain would be made arbitrarily by the Final Form staff. Looking ahead to the future of the industry, such a decision would be inconsequential, similar to allowing players of traditional games to choose between hosting their play session on Amazon or Google Cloud. In reality, gamers prioritize a superior experience rather than the underlying technical details. With this perspective in mind, Final Form does not intend to pursue a multichain strategy. Instead, the team is committed to leveraging the most advanced blockchain technology available to deliver players the best possible experience behind-the-scenes.

What is the relationship between Xai Foundation, Ex Populus and Final Form?

The relationship between Xai Foundation, Ex Populus, and Final Form can be likened to the relationship between a game publisher, a game developer, and a specific game title, using the example provided:

Xai Foundation plays a role similar to a game publisher like Activision. It is the overarching organization responsible for overseeing and supporting various projects within the Xai ecosystem. The foundation sets the overall vision, goals, and guidelines for the projects it supports, including Final Form.

Ex Populus, on the other hand, can be compared to a game developer such as Infinity Ward. It is the specific development studio entrusted with creating and bringing Final Form to life. Ex Populus is responsible for designing, programming, and executing the game based on the directives set by the Xai Foundation.

Finally, Final Form itself can be likened to a game title, similar to Call of Duty. It is the specific game being developed by Ex Populus under the guidance and support of the Xai Foundation. Final Form is the result of Ex Populus' development efforts and aligns with the vision and objectives set by the Xai Foundation.

In summary, Xai Foundation acts as the overseeing entity, Ex Populus serves as the dedicated game developer, and Final Form represents the specific game title within the Xai ecosystem.

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