Option 2: Buy Node Key via Xai Sentry Node desktop app

If you've already downloaded the Xai Sentry Node desktop app, you can initiate buying keys via the desktop application. See steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Keys page in the desktop application.

  1. Click "Purchase Keys" on the Keys page.

  1. Enter your desired quantity.

  • The recommended max quantity per transaction is 50 keys. Purchasing more than 50 keys in a single transaction will likely fail due to gas limits on Arbitrum One. There is no limit to the number of Keys per wallet.

  • The price you see below is only for demo purposes - this is not a real key and not a final price.

  1. Enter a promo code (if you have one).

  1. Click "Confirm Purchase". This will pop you out to a web browser.

Xai Sentry Key purchases will only ever take place on the xai.games domain. Check that you are on xai.games whenever purchasing Xai Sentry Keys.

  1. Complete the remaining steps using the guide below:

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