How to create a wallet using the CLI

If you do not already have a wallet and need to create a wallet to designate as the Operator, you can do so via the CLI using the steps below.

If you do not want to use the CLI to create a new wallet to designate as the Operator, here are a couple other options:

  • You may use the same private key as the wallets you used to purchase Sentry Keys.

  • You may create a wallet using Metamask, then export the private key and paste it into the CLI command discussed on the previous page, called boot-operator.

  1. Type in the command create-mnemonic. Then hit 'Enter'.

  2. Type in the command get-private-key-from-mnemonic. Then hit 'Enter'.

  3. Enter the mnemonic that was generated when you typed in the create-mnemonic command. Then hit 'Enter'.

  4. Hit 'Enter' again. You will notice a private key get generated.

  5. Now you can use the private key that's generated in step 4 and use it in the boot-operator steps above.

  6. If you want to obtain the public key to fund this wallet, type in the command get-public-key-from-private-key. Then hit 'Enter'.

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