Who Can Operate A Sentry

Anyone can operate a sentry by downloading the software, installing it, and running it. However, to accrue rewards, at least one Sentry License Key must be purchased. To claim accrued rewards, purchasers must successfully pass a KYC check that confirms two conditions: a) they are not in the USA, and b) they are not subject to any OFAC sanctions. If you would like to know if you are subject to OFAC sanctions, you can review the OFAC website here. KYC screening will be conducted by Blockpass. Blockpass is leveraged by projects like Polygon, Chainlink, Cardano, Animoca and many others in the industry.

When you purchase a key, you must also confirm that doing so does not violate any local laws which you are subject to. Sentry nodes that are not running or not properly funded to pay for gas fees do not accrue rewards, even with a license key. Therefore, operators will want to ensure that their nodes are funded, online and running.

  • Challenges can be missed in the event of a significant update. These updates will be announced in Discord ahead of time.

  • Node operators may be required to update their software to keep the nodes running

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