How do I prevent others from using my Sentry Wallet or Operator?

As of update v1.0.33, a Sentry Wallet owner can determine what wallets it operates on. To use this feature on the Desktop App, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Sentry Wallet page in the desktop app.

  2. Click on Allowed Wallets. A drawer will appear on the right side of the desktop app showing a list of wallets that have been assigned to your Sentry Wallet.

  3. Choose the wallets you want to allow your Sentry Wallet to operate on by checking the boxes next to those wallets.

  • If there are any wallets listed that you do not recognize, it is recommended that you uncheck the box next to that wallet.

  • If the Sentry Wallet does not contain any Keys, it is recommended not to whitelist the Sentry Wallet.

  • By allowing a wallet to be operated on by your Sentry, you are accepting the responsibility of paying the gas fee associated with submitting an assertion and claiming rewards.

  1. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the drawer.

  • After clicking "Apply," the Sentry will automatically restart.

  • Any Keys associated with the allowed wallets will appear on the Sentry Wallet page.

  • Any Keys associated with the wallet NOT allowed will no longer appear on the Sentry Wallet page.

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