Step 5: Start Xai Sentry Node

  1. Now that you set up a Screen, you can start Xai CLI:

  2. To receive node rewards, boot your operator:

  3. This will prompt you to enter the private key of your sentry wallet. Paste the key and press Enter.

  4. Wait a few minutes until you see the following message:

    The operator has finished booting. The operator is running successfully. esXAI will accrue every few days.
    Current timestamp: 2023-12-10T01:47:04.273Z. The operator is still running successfully. esXAI will accrue every few days.
  5. Detach from your Screen session before logging out. You can detach from your current Screen session by pressing:

  • ctrl a + d (Windows)

  • control a + d (macOS)


screen -d <screen_id>

where <screen_id> is the numbers of your Screen session.


screen -d 82824

Make sure to Detach before exiting the server. Detached mode allows you to exit your Screen session without closing or interrupting any processes that are happening within that session. That means that everything will keep running in the background even if you log out from your VPS.

  1. You can now safely log out from your server:


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