Step 7: Updating your node

Following these steps will help you set up and maintain your Xai Sentry Node effectively. Remember to regularly check for updates and monitor your node’s performance.

  1. Login to your server using the ssh command from your terminal:

  1. Reattach to your Screen session:

screen -r <screen_id>
  1. Replace the following values: - <screen_id> - the id of your current Screen session - Example: screen -r 82824

  2. Stop the operator:

  • ctrl + c (Windows)

  • control + c (macOS)

  1. Remove your current CLI:

rm sentry-node-cli-linux
  1. Download the latest CLI. You don't need to download the file on your computer since this command takes it from the GitHub website.

curl -L -o
  1. Unzip the file:

  1. Start CLI:

  1. Boot the operator:

  1. Paste the private key of your Sentry Wallet and press Enter.

  2. Wait until the operator has finished booting and you see the following message:

The operator has finished booting. The operator is running successfully. esXAI will accrue every few days.
Health check complete, subscription to 'ChallengeSubmitted' is still active.
  1. Detach from your Screen session:

  • ctrl a + d (Windows)

  • control a + d (macOS)

  1. Logout from your server:


To KYC and view rewards, you need the desktop app, which is not covered in the CLI.

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