Game Deployment Stage

Xai is a blockchain purpose-built for gaming. Therefore, during Xai Odyssey, we are offering up to 1,100 Galxe points to game developers in our community who successfully launch a game on Xai by 9:59am PST on 10/12/23.

To earn the first 100 Galxe points for deploying a game to Xai, you must complete this form. Also, you must meet the following requirements to qualify:

  • a game can be deployed only once (duplicate games will not count)

  • a game cannot be forked from another game deployed on Xai

  • your GitHub repo must be at least 30 days old

Once you meet the criteria above, you will be eligible for 100 Galxe points. For an additional 1,000 Galxe points, you must schedule a screenshare session with Diablo, Xai's Community Manager on Discord, to demo your game to prove it works and is deployed to Xai.

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