Step 1: Obtain testnet ETH on Goerli

There are two ways to obtain testnet ETH on Goerli

Option A: Bridge ETH from Ethereum --> Goerli

LayerZero has developed a tool that allows you to bridge ETH from Ethereum network to Goerli network here:

  • This tool will cost you gas in ETH, which can cost around $13 USD.

  • Only ~0.000068 ETH on Ethereum Network is required to obtain ~1 ETH on Goerli Nework.

  • Specify the amount of ETH you want to swap for Goerli

  • Accept the transaction in your wallet

Option B: Mint Goerli ETH from a faucet

  • This is a very slow mining process. It is best to stop minting after 6 hours to ensure the tool does not timeout.

  • You are severely limited on how much Goerli ETH you can mine, so this process will take more patience if you want to generate at least 1 Goerli ETH for the Galxe quest.

  • You must mine at least 0.02 GETH before you can stop the process and mint the mining reward.

Visit this website:

  • Enter your design wallet address where the Goerli ETH should be minted.

  • Once your mining reward reaches a desired amount (at least 0.02 GETH), click "Stop Mining & Claim Rewards"

  • Complete the CAPTCHA then click "Claim Rewards"

  • Wait for the process to complete

  • Confirm Goerli ETH minted in your specified wallet

Once you complete Step 1, proceed to Step 2.

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