Stage 2: January - March 2024

Stage 2 will focus on the Token Generation Event (TGE), the Mainnet launch, upgrading nodes for staking and redemptions, and deploying primitives onto the chain.

TGE - Released

The XAI Token Generation Event (TGE) will coincide with the token listing on a Centralized Exchange (CEX) or Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Due to its dependence on a third-party exchange for listing, this date is tentative.

Mainnet Launch - Released

Following the TGE, the mainnet will launch, setting the stage for XAI Redemptions, esXAI staking, and the debut of the network's first game, Tarochi.

Tarochi Game Launch - Released

Developed by Paima, Tarochi is an onchain RPG where players journey through a vast world to capture and level-up monsters.

XAI Redemptions - Released

After the TGE, esXAI will be redeemable for fully transferable XAI, enabling holders to redeem their assets.

Staking - Released

Post-TGE, staking for esXAI will become available, allowing holders to stake their tokens for various benefits.

DEX Partner

One of the industry's largest DEX projects will deploy to Xai, providing network participants with a fertile environment for liquidity growth.

Infrastructure Partner

An industry-leading partner will deploy completely abstracted wallets, on/off-ramps, and various fundamental utilities to Xai.

Bridge Partner

Combining Arb One's leading liquidity with Xai's industry-leading transaction times, this bridge partner will develop and deploy a groundbreaking solution supporting potentially billions of gamers worldwide.

Marketplace Partner

Trade, swap, or hold in-game items, NFTs, and collectibles with one of the best marketplaces in the industry.

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