Staking v1 and v2

The initial release of Staking is referred to as "v1". In v1 a wallet was able to stake esXAI if it held Sentry Keys and was KYC'd. Based on the amount of esXAI staked by the wallet, it could achieve reward tiers and increase the probability of the Sentry Keys in the wallet receiving network rewards.

  • With the release of staking pools, v1 stake will remain staked for a wallet.

  • New tiers thresholds and rewards will apply to any v1 stake. Here is a guide to find those thresholds and rewards. This will apply to all unstaked keys in the staking wallet.

  • v1 can be unstaked, without being subject to a waiting period.

  • No more esXAI can be added to your v1 stake following the conclusion of Staking v1. Staked esXAi can only be added to staking pools.

In April 2024, Staking Pools were released. In Staking "v2", any holder of esXAI, regardless of size, may join and collaborate within a Staking Pool for enhanced Network Reward probabilities . By staking their esXAi to a Pool, a holder will help to increase the probability that the Key or Keys within the pool that they have joined will participate in a Challenge and receive Network Rewards.

To try out Staking v2 check out

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