Staking Pool Guide

This section will act as a guide on how to get a staking pool setup, stake with an existing pool, and explain how staking pools generate rewards.

Please note that staking is not an investment and staking esXAI or Sentry Keys does not entitle you to any equity interest in the Xai Foundation, the XAI Network or to any other entity or asset. Similarly, the staking of esXai or a Sentry Key does not grant to your benefit any right to any payment or reward of any kind, but merely a potential right to share a reward perceived by the validator of a Sentry Node in accordance with the protocols of the Xai Blockchain. We do not guarantee that you will receive any Network Rewards, or any other rewards, by staking esXAi or Sentry Keys. Please refer to the Staking Terms for information about your rights and obligations. You can find these terms on our website. The information in this Gitbook is for informational purposes only.

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