Create a Pool

  1. Purchase a Sentry Key at

  2. Download the operator client from

  3. Install the operator client and complete KYC with the wallet that owns the key.

  4. Pass KYC.

  5. Go to and connect your wallet holding the Sentry Key.

  6. Click on the left nav item “My Pools”.

  7. Click the button that says “Create Pool”.

  8. Enter the information and settings for your pool:

    1. Pool Name: Name your pool, preferably after your brand or project on XAI, to facilitate discoverability.

    2. Pool Description: Provide a brief description explaining who/what you are and why people should stake with you.

    3. Delegate Address: This is the wallet address that can run the Node Operator for all keys in the pool, crucial for ensuring uptime and participation in assertions.

    4. Pool Logo: Provide a URL for the pool logo, as it is stored on-chain in the pool metadata.

    5. Token Tracker Name and Ticker: Name and ticker for the staking token given to stakers. The staking token is a non-transferrable ERC20 token that will represent the users stake in your pool. When the user unstakes this will be burned.

      1. The token tracker name and ticket will appear on tools like Arbiscan so it will be important to brand them to your pool.

    6. Reward Breakdown: Allocate percentages to yourself, keys, and esXAI. Consider the gas costs for operating all keys in your pool when determining the owner's reward percentage.

    7. Socials: Include links to your social media platforms for a professional appearance and to communicate with your staking community.

      1. Website

      2. Twitter

      3. Telegram

      4. Discord

  9. Choose the number of your keys to stake with your pool (min 1).

  10. Confirm and sign the wallet transaction – you will need some Arbitrum ETH for gas costs.

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