Block Explorers

Block explorers are essential tools for developers and users to interact with and monitor blockchain data. Xai currently supports two robust block explorers: Blockscout and Dora. These explorers provide comprehensive insights into blockchain transactions, smart contracts, and overall network health, ensuring transparency and ease of use for developers building on Xai.


Overview: Blockscout is an open-source blockchain explorer that provides detailed information about the Xai blockchain. It allows users to search for and verify transactions, view account balances, explore smart contracts, and more.

Key Features:

  • Transaction Search: Easily search for transactions using transaction hashes, addresses, or block numbers.

  • Account Information: View detailed information about account balances, transaction history, and token holdings.

  • Smart Contract Interaction: Explore and interact with deployed smart contracts, including viewing source code and verifying contract details.

  • Network Statistics: Access real-time data on block production, network health, and more.

Getting Started with Blockscout:

  • Access Blockscout: Visit Blockscout for Xai

  • Search Transactions: Use the search bar to enter transaction hashes, addresses, or block numbers to retrieve detailed transaction information.

  • Explore Accounts: Navigate to the accounts section to view balance and transaction history for specific addresses.

  • Interact with Contracts: Use the contracts tab to view and interact with deployed smart contracts, including reading and writing to contract functions.


Overview: Dora is another powerful block explorer that offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive blockchain data for the Xai network. It provides insights into transactions, smart contracts, and network interactions, making it a valuable tool for developers and users alike.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate the explorer with ease, thanks to its intuitive design.

  • Detailed Transaction Data: Access complete transaction details, including gas fees, block confirmations, and status.

  • Smart Contract Analytics: Explore detailed analytics for smart contracts, including function calls and event logs.

  • Network Interactions: Monitor network interactions and overall blockchain activity with real-time updates.

Getting Started with Dora:

  • Access Dora: Visit Dora for Xai

  • Search Transactions: Use the search functionality to find transactions by hashes, addresses, or block numbers.

  • Analyze Contracts: Explore the smart contracts section to view detailed analytics and interact with contract functions.

  • Monitor Network: Use the network tab to monitor real-time blockchain activity and network health statistics.

Choosing the Right Explorer

Both Blockscout and Dora offer robust tools and features for exploring the Xai blockchain. Depending on your needs, you may find one explorer more suitable than the other. Blockscout is ideal for detailed technical analysis and direct interaction with smart contracts, while Dora offers a user-friendly interface with comprehensive transaction and contract analytics.


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